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Michael DeLon: How to Write a Book and Become an Authority in Your Field

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Michael DeLon is the President in Paperback Expert, he is an author, speaker, marketing strategist and business growth coach for business owners and sharp, aggressive entrepreneurs looking to get to the next level in their business. 

In this episode Michael talks about all the ways you can establish credibility, stand out, and convert leads by publishing a book. He uses three concepts: clarify, simplify, and multiply to harness a lawyer’s journey or life story to make a compelling story out of it which will then be the cornerstone of all their marketing strategies. 



“Everyone... has a story of why they're doing what they do. Somewhere they made a decision of why they became a lawyer. Why? I wanna know that story. Weave that through the book because none of their competitors can fight that. Your message is what differentiates you.”

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Michael DeLon, President of Paperback Expert

Department (Marketing Strategist and Business Growth Coach)

Michael is an author, speaker, marketing strategist and business growth coach for business owners and sharp, aggressive entrepreneurs looking to get to the next level in their business.

Michael is a native of Indiana and has lived near Little Rock, AR since 2004. His business background includes real estate, automotive, radio, internet, consulting and 10 years in family ministry.

Michael is a voracious learner … you’ll always find him with a book (or 2 or 3) and an audio series going on his iPhone or iPod. But more than learning, Michael loves applying, testing and perfecting marketing concepts that help his clients achieve more.

Michael and his wife reside near Little Rock, AR with their three children. They are deeply involved in The Bible Church of Little Rock.

Michael loves spending time with his family, traveling with friends and living life on the edge.



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Episode Transcript:

Ron Bockstahler  0:28  

Welcome to the show, I am your Runbox dollar your host got a very, very special guest with me today. Michael Dylon, Michael, I want to say you're the credibility expert. And I know you've got a great bio, but you know, the ideas. And the attorneys out there you need to be writing books, and showing that you are the expert what to do. And that's exactly what Michael helps you do is he helps you go out and create a book, take that book, the number one bestseller on Amazon, and then just you change your marketing so that your marketing is all built around your credibility. And not just being another, you know, face and a website that really has no meaning whatsoever to a potential client. So Michael, I didn't mean to mess up your your intro, but very excited to have you on the show. Welcome to the show.

Michael DeLon  1:12  

No, that's great, man. I'll take that title, anytime credibility builder, and it really is a game changer. When you create your own book. You and I were just talking about you reading my book that I published back in 2013. That was my first one that that was the book I wrote wrong when I escaped prison. And now it wasn't a literal prison man, right? It was an emotional prison. I was stuck in a job that I hated for about two years, and needed to get out. And it was a ministry job where I was building marriages and families. And they just went through corporate reorg and all that stuff. And I was in a position that I hated and prayed and said got it got to get out of here. And I started a marketing consulting firm in Little Rock, which is where I live now. Because marketing is my background helping small business owners with marketing. But I go out Ron and I come to Yes, I think I can help you grow your business. You meet with me, we talk and you say Now Mike, what have you done for the last few years? And I said, Well, I built marriages and families. And you'd say, Michael, that's honorable way to go, you know, look at the timeline. I've got another appointment. Let's keep this conversation going. And you assure me out the door. And Ron, I was not getting any clients and I was living on savings. I'm like, Man, I gotta fix this. So I found myself one day pacing the hallways of my church saying God, how do I help Ron? Because I know I can. And he said, Why don't you just take all of your marketing strategies and put them in a book. Now back then I didn't know the first thing about writing the book. So I sat down and I just started plowing through it. It took us a few months to get it done. But what happened is I'd call you and I'd set an appointment, I'd mail you a copy of my book. And about a week later, I walk into your office. And there was my book was on your desk dog, your highlight and underline you'd read my book. And in that meeting, Ron, you'd say now, Michael, in your book, you said, how do you help me do that? And you'd hire me. And the next guy hired me and the next guy hired me. Pretty cool.

Ron Bockstahler  3:01  

Cool, cool.

Michael DeLon  3:01  

What changed between those two meetings? Did my background in ministry change? Not a bit? Did my understanding of marketing change? Nope. What changed was how you thought of me, when you got a copy of my book, you immediately saw me as an expert. And you are ready to take down the prescription I had for you to solve your marketing problems, that Ron changed my business in my life. And that was the seed that got planted that has now grown into paperback expert, where we help attorneys create their own book without writing a word, to establish that credibility to separate them from all that competition. And then we teach them actually how to market themselves as a credible authority and expert. So they'll gain clients get referrals and grow their revenue, which is what it's all about.

Ron Bockstahler  3:52  

Here's the first thing I thought of when you said I wrote that book back in 2013. So eight years ago, I met you through networking, through a mutual friend who actually lives in St. Louis. Right. I live in Chicago, like Indianapolis, I suppose. And my business is on Chicago, but and so in 2013, I went and bought the book when I met you because I thought okay, I gotta understand, I'm going to go cruise and I read the book. And of course, I've got it all marked up and eared up. I'll never return it to anyone, right because I got so many notes in the book. But you wrote the book eight years ago. Now you're still that I got something from that, I guess shelf life, right? So you talk about shelf life because I mean, how many times we go out and go to American but we go to somewhere we hand out our business card which goes in the circular.

Michael DeLon  4:36  

Yeah, and we're getting away from businesses. I was just at a three day mastermind and this guy pulled out as his give. He's got this little.on The back of his iPhone case that all you have to do is touch it to my iPhone and all of his contact information comes to my iPhone. Business cards are a thing of the past right? But the shelf life yeah, books have shelf life. number one number two in our culture. Itzhak religious To throw a book away, we move them from house to house or office to office. So once you put a book in somebody's hand, you become a household member, right. But the other thing that doesn't I mean, most of the time, your, your message isn't going to change over time. Okay. And the other thing that doesn't change in in really, where we shine, and what we really want to help our clients do is to tell their unique story. Okay, I began this podcast with my unique story of escaping prison. Okay, and I do that for a reason is number one, it captures your attention, I've got you now you're like you're in prison, right. And then I weave that into how I got to where I am today. So it's a compelling story that's memorable. That is unique to me. And every one of your listeners, every one of your clients are on has a story of why they're doing what they do. Somewhere in their college, somewhere, they made a decision to become an a lawyer, why I want to know that story. Because I want to weave that through the book to separate them because none of their competitors can fight that they can all do better pay per click, they all hire better intake people. Your message is what differentiates you I've got a couple examples we can talk about from attorneys that we've been able to seriously differentiate, not because I created something for them. But because we discovered their story. And we were able to weave that into a very clear brand strategy and a clear message that just it changes everything in your marketing.

Ron Bockstahler  6:27  

Michael, I'm mesmerized by marketing, because it's so complex. It's almost one of those things where you know, I'm an attorney, I don't want to get into the weeds on marketing. How do I break this down to something that's going to be effective for me and I can stand out in my family law attorney or whatever type of law I'm practicing. How can I stand out? I know you said you got a couple examples I'd love to hear about.

Michael DeLon  6:47  

Yeah, so three words, Ron, that I try to live by that work in marketing works in life. Okay, three words, clarify. Simplify, multiply, and they go in that order. So let's talk marketing. You have to clarify your message, your distinct unique message. Alright. William Franchi. He's a personal injury attorney down in Florida. He came to me wanting to do a book. We started going through the process brand strategy, and I learned that he was a baseball player moved from the Northeast down to Florida to go to college to be baseball. He was heading towards the pros. He was that good. He was a pitcher. Okay, first or second year in college, he threw his arm out, had to go get surgery, took him out of baseball, lost his career, lost a scholarship. He kept going through college got his degree. And through a long series of events, he became a personal injury attorney. Right? And he helps people who are in situations through no fault of their own many times they got hit by a car or something. They're going through rehabilitation, right. And I said, William, have you ever told that story your story to anybody? Well, no, you're about the only one. He didn't think it was too powerful. I said we're in timeout. Here's what we're gonna do. So, the name of his book, The way we branded William was when life throws you a curveball. He was a pitcher. And the underneath his name on the front of the cover says William Franchi baseball player turned attorney. And what we what we were able to do is tie in his baseball passion being a pitcher throwing curveballs at batters life threw him a curveball, he never expected to be out of baseball. But every client he served on life has done them a curveball. And so what we were able to do is take his personal story, his journey in creating very distinct brands. So now, not only does he have his book, but when he's on TV down in his market, guess what he's talking about? You know, what if life throws you a curveball, and you've had a slip and fall, or you've been involved in an auto accident, or you're bitten by a dog, whatever. It wasn't in your plan, life threw you a curveball. I've been where you are. I understand the pain you're going through. I understand the process. Let me help you walk through this process. It's a very compelling message that separates him from everybody else who's like, Oh, get you $18 million for that, right? Because that's what everybody says. He has a very distinct unique message that we discovered as we walked him through his story because most honestly, most people think their story's boring. I disagree. We all have compelling stories. It's how you discover and how you tell it in your marketing to separate yourself. That's just one way but I think it always comes down to your unique compelling story. So you'll clarify your message. And that clarity just gets right through all of the noise that's out there. Because your consumer says this is somebody different.

Ron Bockstahler  9:51  

Auntie Ji Okay, now he clarified his message not toxic because you had three words there, clarify, simplify and was the third one, multiply multiply That's probably the most important that I forget. So okay, we got a message. Let's stick with the same topic, same person. Now simplify cuz I know you do more than just write the books, you help them with your branding. Branding is very important. I know you talk about it. So guys, let's keep that going.

Michael DeLon  10:13  

Yeah, so he's got his book. Now he's got his message, obviously, on the website, pictures of him right in with his baseball garb. And when he goes on TV is funny, he walks on TV with his suit here as attorney suit, but he has his baseball mitt in on his left hand. Okay, Nobody's expecting an attorney to come in looking like that. He's got pictures of himself with his baseball bat over his shoulder. In his office, he's got baseball paraphernalia in different pictures, right? Because we're always branding around that theme, because that's what separates him. Now, when he's doing his TV ads, he's always coming back to Hey, when life throws you a curveball, you need an attorney who understands and who can walk with you, once you go to my website, download a copy of my book. So they download the book, and the follow up email sequence that they're going to get is all themed around being thrown a curveball, what happens when you swing and you miss what happens with all of these baseball analogies that everybody's familiar with, but it ties right back into his message, he can do that on radio, he can do that in follow up thank yous, you know, the Thank You card that he sends out. And whether it's to a meeting, or whether it's doing, you know, direct marketing to prospects and things. The theme of that is a baseball theme with him and his catcher's or his baseball mitt, okay? mmediately, just that one picture separates him, and it causes people to stop before they throw the thing away, to go, what's this, and then is copywriting, right, to make sure that your message is clear and compelling. But it's taking that and that's how we clarify your message. This is how we simplify marketing, and teach our clients how to do this is to take that clear message, and you use it in all of your media channels. But the beautiful thing about simplifying your message with a book is all of your media channels can come back to get a free copy of my book, because it has the information that you need. Let me go ahead.

Ron Bockstahler  12:14  

Yeah, let's stick on free because you got a chapter in your book where you're talking about free, can we and we'll just we'll come back to multiply here in a minute and set five. But let's talk about that chapter. You talk about free in what should the attorneys that are listening? What should they be thinking through? And what are they given away? What's your giveaway? Because you don't want to give away your intellectual property, at least not all of it. Talk to free,

Michael DeLon  12:35  

right? Yeah, free is giving formerly really, because let's talk about an attorney, you got somebody coming in, if you're an estate planning attorney, or personally doesn't matter, they are not going to be able to do what you do. And when you have a compelling story or a unique way of doing business, you can give it away because your competitors aren't smart enough to copy it. Because you put a lot of work into building a system, right? So free, you're not going to get rich selling your book on Amazon, Ron, it's just not going to happen. You're on Amazon and Kindle for credibility purposes, because that's where people go when they say, Oh, you're an author, let me find you there. So somebody can buy your book on Amazon, you bought my book, thank you very much. I earned whoo about $5. From that, you're not going to get rich, what I'd rather you do. If you're an attorney, give your book away on your website, give somebody a free PDF, download, capture their name and email, get them on your list or number one asset and business easier list. Get them on your list, the thank you page should pop up. And you should be there hopefully with a short video saying thank you so much for downloading a copy of my book, I know it's going to be really helpful for you. I would love to mail you a free copy. That way you can highlight it, underline it, put notes in it. And when we talk later, you'll be able to have the page number of the question you have just tell me where to mail it doesn't cost you a penny, I'd be happy to do that. And you have a form. They're pre populated with their name and email that you just got for them to add their phone number or their mailing address, right. 40% of the people are testing this with our class 40% of people who opt in for the free PDF will opt in for a free copy of your book. Now what do you have on you have all of their mailing address not just to send out your book in a hopefully beautifully branded, welcoming Wow kit or a padded envelopes something that will stand out? Okay, but also for all the other mailings, your print newsletter, anything else that you're going to be mailing to them and the beautiful thing about direct mail two big things right now? Well, last time you went to your mailbox, the physical thing in front of you. I mean, how many pieces of mail were actually in that thing last night, all right. That's unless I had four pieces left on Saturday when I get my mail for things in my mailbox. It's like an echo chamber. Hello. Right. This is a great time to do direct mail. Now when I send books out, I tell my clients to put them in a big padded envelopes. And so I'll tell you how they run when I mail my book out to he's gonna come in this big gold envelopes. Okay, so when you go to your mailbox and you open up and you see that gold envelope there, you know, my books inside, it's gonna be a great time making an experience Disney, why do people pay so much money? You just went to a amusement park? Yeah, you probably paid, you know, 60 $70 to get in, you go to Disney, you're gonna be paying 160 or $200 per person again, why is that they have the same kinds of rides. It's because of the experience. We need to add some experience into our marketing, telling your stories one way to do an experience, but how do you deliver a book? So free? We're talking about free here, right? I'm giving my book away for free so I can capture your name and information. That way I can do all kinds of marketing to you. Right? Right. now's a great time. I'll give you anytime you get around any holiday. We got Thanksgiving coming up, got Christmas, New Year's, we have Valentine's Day, think about an opportunity to mail a copy of your book out to your best clients, thanking them. How many Thanksgiving cards do you receive every year on? Yeah, probably not. How many Christmas cards? Do you get? Dozens. So send a Thanksgiving cards into Thanksgiving letter saying thank you for allowing me to serve you. I just wanted to make sure you had a copy of my new Amazon best selling book.

Ron Bockstahler  16:10  

Michael, if you're looking at a budget standpoint, what percentage of your budget would you recommend to for a playing attorney? What percent of his budget would you allocate towards sending these things out?

Michael DeLon  16:22  

Yeah, their marketing budget probably depends on on where his budget is, but probably a half to 1%. It doesn't cost that much. You know, the books that you know, when our clients publish a book, they buy them from us, they're copying yours, you're gonna sell it on Amazon for like $17 $20 Each, right? But the author's cost is only $5 per book. Okay, you can mail that to somebody for probably another 350. Okay, so you got $8 Total in that, what's a client worth to you, we just spent $12, to get a new client, I think most attorneys will probably be spending hundreds of dollars for a new client. So it's understanding you're not giving, you're not mailing 1000s and 1000s of books most of the time, okay, we have a couple of clients who mail lots of books and send lots of books, most of our clients are sending about 30 books a month. And they get into a rhythm because that's where they are on their marketing. And everything's pre done. They have all the packages got the books, you sign your book, because a signed book you'll never throw away. But it's a matter of understanding the book is that cornerstone of your marketing that your Facebook ads, your LinkedIn ads or Google thing, everything can come back to a similar landing page, you could have the same landing page, you know, multiplied one for Facebook, one for YouTube, one for Google, they all say the same thing. Here's a free copy of my book. That way you can track where it's coming from to obviously, like you're building your list. And through the emails that you send out. Or if you do podcast, you're taking content from your book. And using that in your ads, you're using that content on podcast, you're using that content to create blog posts. So you create your book once, then you find 1000 different ways to use it in your marketing, to simplify your marketing, you're not chasing every new shiny object. And you don't have new ad agencies and media people coming in to change your message heaven forbid, you have a clear, compelling message. you simplify your marketing by having all media channels driving to a free copy of your book. And then that funnel that comes out of that can be identical for every one of those channels. And it all reinforces the fact that you have a story to tell and you can relate you can bond emotionally with that prospect, which is we make buying decisions emotionally. Then we find the logic to back them up, right?

Ron Bockstahler  18:44  

Here's your I mean just making a sound easy, but I'm even getting a little anxiety just thinking about it going holy cow that's I can do a there's a lot to it. You need a coach, you need someone you need you to some and say okay, hold on, let me step back. Let's walk through this process, step by step. And we'll get to that end result where you have a book and then we can start doing the marketing programs. Absolutely. Let's go okay, multiply, or we're simplify. let's kind of take a step back. And let's go to that third point that multiply. What are we doing there?

Michael DeLon  19:14  

Yeah, multiply is where you actually you're gaining clients and you're getting referrals. Okay, when I talk with a prospect, they always want to jump to multiply. That's what I want to do. Great, but we have to go clarify and simplify first. Then when you put those in the right order, then you get multiplication, because you're going to be able to convert more of the prospects you're getting, because you're giving them something of high value, they're not going to throw away. Here's the number one myth I hear in business run. I hear it every week, is whether I'm talking to an attorney or financial advisor doesn't matter. Same myth. I need more leads. Here's what happens. They do their advertising, they do an event they do whatever, and they get 20 people calling them for let's say a book, whatever it is right. 20 people, eight of those people book have a consultation with two of those people by. Okay. They come to me they say, Michael, I just need more leads. On my time out. Ron, what are you doing with the six people that you met with the didn't buy? What kind of follow up process do you have? Well, we send them an email or two, really, to IT people, most people don't buy until months after you had that first contact with them, right? What about the 12? People who raised their hand who got your book? Or went to your webinar? Who didn't contact you? Are they totally not interested? No, you got to have a system in place to stay in touch with these people. And when you do you start multiplying your business and your business grows. Now, do you need more leads? Yes, you need a continual flow of leads. But you need to do a much better job of converting the leads you're getting in order to increase your revenue to gain clients. How about so that's why I'm gaining clients. One of the best ways is by offering somebody to have a copy of your book. Right? Because it's powerful. How many other attorneys in your market have their own book that they're offering for free? Yeah, and

Ron Bockstahler  21:04  

here's the funny thing, I bet someone can answer that question. They can't say how many they can name the one that they remember, because they have their own book. That's right.

Michael DeLon  21:11  

It makes a difference. And we all love referrals, right? Everybody loves referrals? How do most attorneys get referrals? Most of them don't. But if they do, they say, well, here's my business card, would you hand this out to somebody? Or here's our beautiful brochure, right? How about Ron, at the end of your transaction, whether you're an estate planning attorney, just got my estate set up? I'm thrilled with you. Right. Before we leave Iran, thank you for allowing me to serve you Would you do me a favor? And because you're happy with me, what do you always want to say? Yes. And you say, Ron, you may not know this, but most of our clients don't come to us to all the advertising and marketing that we do they come to us are happy and satisfied clients like you? Would you do me a favor? Would you take three or four copies of my book. And as you're talking with your friends in the next week or two, about how we've set up your estate properly and put you at ease? Would you just hand the copy of my book to them and say, This is the person we've trusted to put our house in order, you should read this book.

Ron Bockstahler  22:10  

I love that we talked about I talked with you. And then I talked to an attorney who I met who had her own book. And I was like, wow, hold on. And I remember the name of the book, it was how to divorce a narcissist. And when, like, I'm never gonna forget that the rest of my life, right? I mean, and I hundreds and hundreds of family law attorneys. But there's one who had never met in person, but I've read her book, I spent some time talking to her. I'll never forget that one person. That's how you make yourself unique.

Michael DeLon  22:38  

It really it really is. And when you think about your best clients, the ones you want to clone, right? They run in circles of people just like themselves, right friends, neighbors, relatives, business searchers, church members, you can you can enhance your sphere of influence at least five times by taking your best clients and putting multiple copies of your book in their hand with that little script. Because now they can go out and say, Well, yeah, we finally got off the stick and got our estate in plan in order. Now we don't have to worry about it. And you don't want we work with a guy who wrote a book on it.

Ron Bockstahler  23:13  

So Mike, let's talk unique message. You got a chapter in your book, you talk about unique message, I tried to look it up and kind of read about it look unique messes. I talk to attorneys all the time. And I say I do this, I get a list of 12 things they do. Yeah, that is not unique. And then I can never remember. Why would I call them?

Michael DeLon  23:28  

That's right. Yeah, it's less about all of that. Because at a certain level people buy who you are more than what you do. In with attorneys. I mean, all your competitor does those same things, too, right? So what's going to separate you, you've got to understand what's in it for the client? What are they looking for. And many times they don't know what they're looking for in terms of the services you provide? What they have an emotional, something going on, right? I feel like I need to get my house in order so that if I, if me or my spouse starts having dementia or losing our mind, we've already got everything set up. So we don't have to deal with things it's already taken care of. Right? We need to make sure we have those conversations with our children before that they ever comes. So it's talking about those pain points per se, in having a chapter in your book that explains that and how you've helped other people walk through that process, save that legal stuff into your meeting with them face to face or on Zoom. The book is in your clear message is really about the higher level process that they're going through. You've got to meet them where they are, and how you can help them get to where they want to be. It's just a simple bridge, but you have to understand where your clients are. I've got a thing that hangs on my wall. Hang on. I know you're the only one who can see this, but I like to hold so it's short. It's a four by six card as a drill bit and a hole had this thing for decades. And it reminds me that Black and Decker last year made millions of quarter inch drill bits. And Black and Decker wants to tell you about the steel they using the drill bit, and the quality of machinery they use and the talent of the people who've been with them 150 years. And all of that falls into the category of who cares? Because it's been proven wrong, that of all people that bought these quarter inch robots last year, not one of them wanted to own a quarter inch drill bit. They each wanted a quarter inch hole. When you do your marketing, your messaging and you're reaching out to your prospects, you have to understand what is it they're actually buying from you? What are they paying for, they're not paying for an estate plan. They're paying for the peace of mind and the security of knowing that when life throws me a curveball, I'm going to hit it out of the park because I've taken care of the thing ahead of time. Right. That's what they're paying for. When you speak to that, you're going to get a lot more client. Because no, i Nobody wants to do an estate plan. Right. But I want what the estate plan gives me. And so talk about that. And oh, it just so happens to be an estate plan that we put together. And I tell her name your process. You know, if you do estate planning, you're like every other attorney. But if you have the box dollar, you know, patented estate planning kit that we need to take you through to make sure you have all four aspects of this estate plan. They're like what I always go back, and one of my favorite examples is Dave Ramsey, the financial guy, he has a seven baby steps. brilliant marketing, he's not really that smart in budgeting and finance. He's just a great marketer, because he has these seven baby steps and you can identify, oh, I'm on step two, I have to finish it before we go to step three, it's a process into the exact same thing with a state planning or, or personal injury, it doesn't matter. People like a plan. Give them a plan, take them through, just don't go deep into the woods and speak to what how your customer how your client thinks about things.

Ron Bockstahler  27:03  

Here's the hard part is I know you said this, you said look, you got it in your mind. You've got a history, you've been successful. How do you bring it? What's your process? How do you get that out of someone's mind and into marketing content? Yeah,

Michael DeLon  27:16  

great question. We do it through interviews. So brand strategy, right, but he has a story to tell. You've got to know how to ask questions to elicit the right answer so that we can discern and discover your unique story. So we've got eight questions that we ask our clients and from those the answers they give us we can discover their unique story. So you can have somebody to ask you questions, tell your story to them. It's not as boring as you think. And as you go into that, after we get your brain, we go into the book creation process, which is you don't write your book with us you speak to write it, one of our writers actually interviews you, we walk you through the creation of your outline, and then you speak to write your book as you're being coached by a writer. And that process. Ron is amazing, because many of our clients go, I've never told that to anybody. But it becomes the essence of a chapter or the entire book. Because you've got somebody else asking you questions, almost an Dare I say an uninterested third party, but a third party who's really interested in you, I can see things in your business run that you can't see. And vice versa. I've got you know, I'm a marketing guy. Okay, I get two coaches that I pay, who are looking at my business from a marketing perspective, because I am too close to my business to make good marketing decisions, right? Same thing with an attorney, you're too close to it. You start talking attorney speak. Nobody cares. You sound like Charlie Brown's teacher. Right? You've got to pull back and speak to us in a more emotional way. Tell us your story. Stories captivate our attention, they cause us to listen. Right? Star Wars, Star Trek, you name all the movies. Why are we so compelled to, because it's a story that we can latch on to. That's really what people want. It is challenging yourself. You know, that's why we exist. But you can go out with a buddy and have a coffee, or have dinner and say Here are five questions I want you to ask me. I want to dive deep.

Ron Bockstahler  29:20  

So a little bit of a curveball question for you in law, and I look at it, you got b2b And you got b2c? So you got the attorneys that deal with consumers, family law, state planning, bankruptcy, and then you got to be those attorneys that are dealing with more corporations more maybe litigators or corporate law. Yeah, whatever probate but so is there a difference in the book they need to write? No, okay.

Michael DeLon  29:42  

I've had people ask me that all the time on b2b, it doesn't say you know, what do you sell to a business? Now you sell to people, right? You sell to people, they and I assure you, there are other competitors who are going after that same business, right? What are they saying? They're probably saying the same things you're saying right now. Welcome. Hey, I graduated from here and I've got all this time. I I. But when you start turning the table until your compelling story, why do you do that? Why are you a patent attorney? You could be doing 1000 other things. Why are you doing this? There's a story there. And when you tell that story, it starts resonating, because they understand it's not about the knowledge that you have. It's about the heart that you bring. Okay, I want somebody who's not only good at what they do, I want somebody who's also passionate about what they do. That comes through your story. So it doesn't matter, because people buy people in whether you're b2b or b2c, they're going to buy you and your services. And they better what we've always heard you got to know like and trust you, right? What better way to know like and trust them, and then spend about an hour to an hour and a half talking with them? How great would that be run, if you could get in front of that prospect? And spend 90 minutes just talking with them, understanding them, helping them understand you? That'd be great, that's valuable. Well, why don't you let your book do the talking for you, and you mail it to them as a beginning of a relationship.

Ron Bockstahler  31:07  

And I like to add how often especially attorneys listening, how often is that there's a book that using as a reference, where you're continually going back to it. And I think that happens a lot. As you said, we never throw away books. If you were in my office right now, you know, I've never thrown away a book.

Michael DeLon  31:23  

And you mentioned, they have shelf life. But then think about a marketing spend. Okay, I tell you spend a lot of money on marketing, whether it's TV, or you name it, Facebook doesn't matter. But they make that spend month after month after month after month. A book is created in such a way that you invest in at one time. And it pays you back year after year after year. I wrote my book when 2013 I still use it in my business today to gain clients to get referrals and to grow our revenue. That's how you need to look at simplifying your marketing clarifying your message so you can multiply your book, I mean, that books been well worth well over seven figures to my company in this time, right? I'm not going to deviate, it will be here in 25 years, I'll still be using that book. I might add other books. But that's foundational book that set me apart from every media rep in in Little Rock when I was out doing my marketing consulting, and all the ad agencies, they were all doing the Charlie Brown thing, right? I came in with a book and put me in a category of one changed everything. It can still happen today because the battle hasn't. Here's the deal. Everybody thinks Ron that the marketing battleground is out there. It's on Pinterest, it's on Facebook, it's on LinkedIn, it's on whatever. And the truth is the marketing battleground is between the ears of your prospect. It's in their mind. It's how they think about you. Okay, why do people spend $10,000 to go to a Tony Robbins seminar for a weekend? Because they think about him very uniquely, right? Yeah. All right. He wrote a book a few years ago on finance. Right? Begin? number one bestseller. So hundreds of 1000s of topics. Why? What does he knows about finance? If he came out and he wrote a book on estate planning, guess what? It'd be a number one bestseller on net on everywhere, right? Because why? Because he's Tony Robbins, not because he understands estate planning people by him because of who he is. And attorneys can do the exact same thing to their audience. You need to become the go to expert to your audience, owned them at the heart level. And then allow them to expand that sphere of influence by bringing referrals to the table. That's how you grow business.

Ron Bockstahler  33:49  

What do we so I know we're gonna have some attorneys, they're gonna say, Man, I got to reach out to paper book expert, paperback and paperback expert, speaking impediment going here. But what's gonna be the process? How long is it gonna take to actually write a book?

Michael DeLon  34:04  

That's a great question. So number one, I tell people never write a book. Always speak it right. There you go. We're going to our process is designed so that after brand strategy, which takes about a month working with me to get that clear brand, we move into the book creation process. And if everybody stays on track, then we can get your book created in about six months start to finish. We publish it in paperback to Amazon, we publish it in Kindle in PDF for your website and E marketing in obviously in paperback. So about six months from today, six to seven months from today. You can be an Amazon Best Selling Author of your own book, then we'll give you the marketing systems that we've developed to help you market that credibility that you have so that you can grow your business. So Michael,

Ron Bockstahler  34:48  

after you the book is published, it's good to go you guys aren't walking away. You're still going to be sitting there helping them how to maximize that investment in the book.

Michael DeLon  34:56  

We do. Yeah, because the next one for we didn't talk about this we created A podcast for our clients, if they don't already have a podcast, we create one for them. And we interview them on every chapter of their book. And we syndicate that to all the platforms, right? It's a video interview, so they can put their videos on their website and YouTube. But we also have marketing systems that we give them, system built step by step systems that they implement in their business that coincide with their authority and their credibility. And then we stay with him for additional year. So our flagship program is a 12 month program, create your brand, your Amazon best selling book, your podcast, and all the marketing systems that we're going to bring to the table for you. That's a 12 month program, we're going to stay with you for another 12 months, no cost, through our coaching programs that you're part of, because we stand behind what we do wrong with a two year, double your money back guarantee. Because wrong, oh, this works. And so we're going to stay with you. We don't just publish your book and disappear. We've been doing this for a long time we've dialed in, we know it works. When you do the effort. When you follow our counsel and run our playbooks. You'll gain clients, you'll get referrals, you will grow your business, we guarantee that with our money back guarantee, and I

Ron Bockstahler  36:09  

know you've worked with hundreds of clients. I mean, many of them are attorneys. How long have you been doing this?

Michael DeLon  36:14  

Since 2013, when my business changed? That's when we launched paperback expert.

Ron Bockstahler  36:20  

Last Word, we got a couple more things, what do you want to leave our audience with Michael,

Michael DeLon  36:24  

you know, the biggest thing is be yourself, tell your story. And make sure that you bring people around you to get that story. But tell your story, and speak to the needs of your prospects and your audience. And your business is going to grow. And you can do it yourself. There's ways to do it, bring friends around you or something. If you need help, just reach out to us paperback expert. com, we'd love to talk with you about that. But be yourself tell your story. Because it really is pretty compelling. That's awesome.

Ron Bockstahler  36:54  

I mean, look, I'm I think it's one of the greatest things out there. I think of all the marketing, I've talked to people, we've done a lot of people in our company, this has to be the number one concept that every attorney I've talked to they need to be jumping on and writing a book because the ones that have we know who they are. And you know, of the 1.3 million attorneys in the United States. What's that say that less than 1% have published a book. Yeah. Michael, thank you so much for coming on the show today. It's been great. I know, a lot of our listeners are getting great value out of it. So I think they'll be reaching out to you and wanting to Hey, how can we get started. So best way to contact you

Michael DeLon  37:32  

back just at my website, paperback?

Ron Bockstahler  37:36  

So paperback, expert. com, I'll actually post that up there. So it'll be out there. So I won't butcher it when I actually posted. So when he wants to find that you guys could check it out. You can you can check out the watch the podcast on Apple or wherever you list your podcast. You could also go to a model model look under our podcast page. You can find the podcast there. Michael, thank you so much for joining us. I really, really appreciate having you and look forward to having you back on the show.

Michael DeLon  37:59  

Hey, Ron. Thanks, man. It's been lots of fun talking with you.


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