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Daniel A. Cotter: Cyber-Insurance, Legal Tech and The Chief Justices

Episode Notes

You could say Daniel A. Cotter has had an accomplished 26 years so far as an attorney. He’s worked in-house and as outside counsel, taught Insurance Law at the John Marshall Law School, published a book about the Chief Justices, been an Illinois Leading Lawyer and Super Lawyer for four years, and he is active in the Chicago Bar Association and American Bar Association alike. But Dan also makes sure to mention his son benches more than him, the kid he tutors has more intensive math skills, and his marriage is 31 years strong. If you pay attention, life has a way of rounding you out, even as a busy attorney.


Key moments:

Cybersecurity and insurance insights, from an Insurance Law professor (07:35)

Technology discrepancies in small firms versus Big Law (16:59)

“The Chief Justices,” meeting RBG, and charity work (25:58)

What Daniel Cotter wants to see changed in the legal profession (38:54)



“Companies need to think through ‘what's the ramifications of having all of our people work from home?’ Right, ‘is it our responsibility if something happens to Dan Cotter while he's at his house,’ or you know, does he need to look at his own insurance policy and does he need to notify his insurance company that he’s working from home?”

“I’ve seen programs that talk about artificial intelligence and how it frees up the attorney and, you know, it’s great, and then the cost is prohibitive for many [private practice attorneys]….Their needs can't be met because the cost is so prohibitive.”

“I'm a big proponent of belonging to the bar association of your choice. Whether it's the state bar or the city bar, an affinity bar. I just find that bar membership has been rewarding… and I can say that it’s probably provided me with work over the years.”

“I am passionate about the law, and optimistic, but also concerned about the challenges, especially for graduates. In the last decade, it's been a tough road with a major recession in 2008 and then 2013 again. And now the pandemic.”



Daniel A. Cotter is Attorney and Counselor at Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC. Dan focuses his practices in a variety of areas of corporate law and litigation, including insurance law, complex business disputes and counseling, employment law, corporate transactions, corporate governance and compliance, and cybersecurity and privacy law. His clients benefit from his diverse professional experience, which – in addition to his years serving as trusted outside counsel – includes positions as a corporate accountant and an in-house attorney. Dan has been working in cyber and privacy since the late 1990s, before cyber was a thing.

Twitter: @scotusbios



Howard & Howard:



“The coasts are alive with the sound of privacy enforcement” Daniel A. Cotter Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

“The Chief Justices: The Seventeen Men at the Center Seat, Their Courts, and Their Times” Daniel A. Cotter Twelve Tables Press

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