The 1958 Lawyer

In 1958 the ABA published a pamphlet with an article titled “The 1958 Lawyer and his 1938 Dollar” which gives our podcast its title, and its inspiration. Prior to 1960, most attorney engagements were project based. As a result, many lawyers felt their pay scale was falling behind that of other professional service providers. For many lawyers, this article spurred them to change the way they billed for legal services and thus the billable hour was born. It is a stark reminder that change is the only constant in our world and those that do not keep up with the change often times find themselves obsolete.

To be sure, the business surrounding the practice of law has continued to change since the billable hour went mainstream. This podcast is all about how law firms and their clients are adapting to a changing business world to remain viable. Your host, Ron Bockstahler, is the Founder and CEO of Amata Law Office Suites, an attorney support Services company. For more than 30 years Ron has worked with law firms of all sizes, helping them manage expenses, implement new technologies and strategically grow their law practice.

Ron will pull from his experience and those of his guests to uncover new developments in the business world and how the legal industry is adapting to meet the changing demands of their clients. Each show will feature successful business people, politicians, judges and attorneys to provide insight into their thoughts and how they are meeting today's challenges.